2 chili cheese dogs

Summer Southern Comfort: Jack’s Fan-Favorite Chili Cheese Dogs

Jack’s brings back their fan-favorite Chili Cheese Dogs starting June 19th. 

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (June 19th, 2024):

Your Summer is about to get a whole lot better- starting June 19th, guests can order Jack’s Chili Cheese Dogs. This Southern classic includes an all-beef hot dog made to order, homestyle chili, shredded cheddar cheese and freshly diced onions- summer never tasted this good!

To make the come-back even better, Jack’s is offering the Double Chili Cheese Dog Deal. This deal includes two Jack’s Chili Cheese Dogs and fries for only $6.49! “We are always looking to bring back beloved Jack’s menu items. The Chili Cheese Dogs are a classic favorite and they are back just in time for summer” stated Jack’s Chief Marketing Officer, Billie Jo Waara. 

For even greater value, Jack’s encourages guests to order online for exclusives offers and bundles, including the All-American Pack. This value-packed bundle boasts 6 Chili Cheese Dogs, 4 fries and 4 regular drinks for just $15.00. “Jack’s online exclusives are a testament to the value we love to offer our guests. We never settle to provide quality affordable meals to our loyal customers” added Waara.

Guests are invited to order Chili Cheese Dogs in-store or online at their local Jack’s locations.eatatjacks.com.


Founded in 1960 in Homewood, Alabama, Jack’s Family Restaurants started as Jack’s Hamburgers in a walk-up hamburger stand that served burgers, fries, sodas and shakes and has now grown to more than 250 locations in four states in the South. Jack’s is All About The South and serves its guests quality food with an emphasis on community involvement and charitable giving. For more information, visit eatatjacks.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram