Top 3 Reasons Why Jack’s Biscuits Are the Best in the South

Birmingham, Ala. | May 14, 2019

By: Patience Itson, Bham Now

In the In the mood for fresh, warm biscuits? Look no further! Here are the top three reasons why Jack’s soft, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits are the best in the South.

1. Made From Scratch Daily

If you have the choice of frozen, pre-packaged biscuit pucks from a cardboard box heated in the oven or fresh, made from scratch biscuits, which would you choose? The answer is a no brainer—fresh, made from scratch.

Well, guess what? Jack’s provides just that. Seriously. Each and every day, Jack’s biscuit makers rise with the sun to arrive at Jack’s restaurants by 4AM to begin making fresh biscuits for customers.

Check out this astonishing factoid: Around 96,000 biscuits are sold daily, company-wide. This means Jack’s serves 3,360,000 biscuits every year!

So while you’re snoozing away or getting ready for a busy day, Jack’s biscuit makers are putting their talents to work by creating fresh, hot biscuits so those in Alabama can start their day with something delicious.

2. Endless Choices

Jack’s may have been founded as a hamburger joint in Homewood in 1960, but it wasn’t long until the restaurant began serving breakfast. The addition started in 1979, and after being so popular, the breakfast menu has stayed for good.

If you love to sleep in like I do, making it to the drive thru before the breakfast menu is no longer being served can be a bit of a problem. Luckily, Jack’s allows you to hit the snooze button because they serve their delicious breakfast until 11AM, and their classic chicken biscuits all day.

Butter biscuits are also served all day long alongside their famous chicken tenders, fried chicken, after 4PM specials and Southern Dinners. Jack’s has tons of catering options, too!

Another perk—the breakfast options are endless! From classic sausage and bacon biscuits to gravy and country fried steak biscuits, there are so many delicious choices available.

Starting May 15, Jack’s will offer a Southern-inspired classic! Back by popular demand, for a limited time only, sink your teeth into the Southern Fried Bologna Biscuit. Mmm!

3. Made with Love

At many other quick service restaurants, you’ll experience processed, frozen, and out of a cardboard box biscuits. But not at Jack’s. Jack’s biscuits are different. Their biscuits don’t come pre-made and they certainly don’t come from a freezer. Instead, Jack’s biscuits are made with just four simple ingredients:

  • Buttermilk
  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Love

Read on to learn just how much love is rolled into each batch of Jack’s homemade biscuits during their annual Biscuit Bake-Off.

Annual Biscuit Bake-Off at Jack’s

Each Fall, Jack’s holds an annual Biscuit Bake-Off to find the best Jack’s biscuit maker in the company. The competition takes place at Jack’s home office right here in Homewood.

Similar to March Madness, the annual Jack’s Biscuit Bake-Off is serious business! But, it’s also a whole lot of fun too. Here’s how it works:

Months before the bake-off takes place, Jack’s professional biscuit taste testers travel from Jack’s to Jack’s with one goal: to taste biscuits and decide which five biscuit makers have the dough-making, cookie-cutter pressing, oven-baking expertise to make it into the Biscuit Bake-Off. Professional biscuit taste tester? Sign me up for that job!

The competition, which takes place at Jack’s home office in Homewood, brings together the top five biscuit makers in the company, employees of Jack’s and members in the community for a day of friendly competition and, of course, plenty of biscuit eating.

During the competition, the five hand-chosen biscuit makers set up stations side by side. As biscuits rise and turn that perfect golden brown, contestants pull them from the oven for the official taste-test.

A select panel of judges carefully scores each biscuit based on a variety of “yum” factors, including:

  • Taste
  • Fluffiness
  • Height
  • Density
  • And more!

The biscuit that receives the highest marks wins the competition!

Best Biscuit Maker of 2018

Last year’s (2018) Biscuit Bake-Off Champion was Pam Begley from Muscle Shoals. Her incredible biscuit-making skills won her:

  • A cash prize.
  • A billboard with her name and photo, located in her hometown for one year
  • Jack’s highest honor—the title of “Best Biscuit Maker” in the entire company.

See For Yourself

Don’t believe me when I say Jack’s biscuits are the best in the South? See for yourself! Click here to find a Jack’s near you.