Jack's Supports Special Olympics

Published May 10, 2013


Jack’s will support the Blount County Special Olympics Tues., May 14 at the Blount County-Oneonta Agri-Business Center. The event has taken place for decades, and more than 100 children will participate in events including the wheel chair race, soft ball throw, tennis ball throw, long jump, broad jump and more.

“This is the day when these kids get to feel that they are like everyone else,” said Special Education Coordinator of Blount County Schools Becky Brothers-McGowan. “They watch other people participate in sporting activities a lot, and now they get to participate and show off their own strengths. People cheer for them and make it fun and enjoyable for the kids. It’s just a very heartwarming day for everyone.”

The Blount County Learning Center Principal DeWon Farmer said the event is a collaborative effort among all of the area schools. Many of the physical education teachers volunteer and run the events that their students have been preparing for throughout the year.

For its part, Jack’s will support Olympic Village with the Jack’s Red Dot mascot, beach balls, balloons and coloring sheets that the kids can use in between competitions. The company will also provide its famous hamburgers and fries.

“Having community support is just wonderful,” said Brothers-McGowan. “If we don’t have that, it’s almost impossible to carry out an activity like this for the children. We appreciate Jack’s supporting us and making it possible.”

Jack’s Area Manager Lynn Mullins said that all four Blountsville restaurant managers are volunteering on their vacation time because they want to participate so badly.

“It’s our privilege to participate. The community needs it and the parents need it,” said Mullins. “Helping others makes life a little more heavenly. You actually get to smile for a bit because you did something for someone and encouraged them along the way.”
In addition to supporting the actual event, Mullins says Jack’s wants to support the parents.

“The parents are the kids’ number one caregivers, and we’re going to be their cheerleaders,” said Mullins. “We are all parents and grandparents and light up when other people cheer on our children. We’re going to be there to cheer everyone on.”

For more information, contact Lizzy Thomas at elizcthomas@gmail.com or 601.540.3302.


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