Jack's and Dr. Pepper to give away $6000 in Tuition this Fall

Published Sept. 20, 2013


Jack’s will give away $500 for tuition every week for twelve weeks this fall through the Dr. Pepper Tuition Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes started on Aug. 26 and will run through Nov. 17. Contestants may enter once a week.

“With the cost of college steadily growing, getting a good education can seem out of reach for many people,” said Jack’s Director of Marketing Pam Measel. “Everyone deserves the chance to learn, and we hope that these scholarships will help each student grow closer to reaching his or her goal in life.”

An article published by ThinkProgress.org in August stated that the price of attending a public four-year college has risen 27 percent beyond inflation over the past five years, according to the College Board. The costs have also gone up 24 percent at community colleges and 13 percent at private universities.

A New York Times article written in August by David Leonhardt explained that cost increases stem from a combination of factors, some of which may be unavoidable and some of which different government policies have the potential to change.

“The cost for higher education is on the rise, but fortunately, programs like ours exist to help pad that expense,” said Measel. “It’s easy to enter this sweepstakes, and everyone has a fair shot to win.”

To enter, visit eatatjacks.com and click on the promotional Dr. Pepper icon. Simply enter your name and residential address, phone, date of birth, email options and accept rules and terms. Jack’s customers who use iPhones or Androids may enter by activating the SnapTag™ on the Dr. Pepper cup that may come with an order. Simply download the SnapTag™ Reader and scan the SnapTag™ on the cup to enter. 

For more information or to enter the Dr. Pepper and Jack’s Sweepstakes, visit eatatjacks.com.


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